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Our Yapper Wrapper Front Pack is perfect for dog owners who want to have their dogs with them wherever they go.  It provides a functional solution to many situations including:


  • Dogs that cannot walk long distances or do not want to walk
  • Dogs recovering from injury 
  • Dog can be carried with hands free
  • Dog can ride with you on a bicycle or motorcycle
  • Take the dog hiking
  • Take the dog snow skiing/boarding
  • A solution to handicapped dogs, blind, deaf, etc.
  • Some stores/shops/other will allow dogs to be carried but not walked


At our store, we've never seen happier customers leaving with their "yapper" in a "wrapper", hands free!  Dogs love the Yapper Wrapper as it is comfy and they get to GO more often!


Can be worn either front or back, but predominantly worn on the front.  Made of soft mesh fabric that is durable, breathable and comfy.  Adjustable straps allow for a perfect, comfortable fit.  The pack has 5 individual openings; two for front legs, two for back legs, and a single one for the tail.  Dogs love their Yapper Wrapper! 


Size small for dogs 3-7 lbs.

Size medium for dogs 8-12 lbs.

Size large for dogs 13-18 lbs.

Size xl for dogs 19-25 lbs.

Front Pack Size XL

SKU: ywfp01blkX
  • Yapper Wrapper is a fun product for both human and pup.  Many dogs love being carried on their human's front, side or back.  Some dogs form an enhanced bond with their human after experiencing a comfy ride in our Yapper Wrapper product.

  • We offer a 14 days from date of purchase returns.  Buyer pays return shipping to our location in Hillsboro, Oregon.

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